Kylie Lipkit Unboxing + Review


I did it. I jumped on the most overhyped, talked-about trend in the beauty blogosphere (and rest of the world really), and got my very own Kylie Lipkits.

Sure, I’ll admit it, when these were first announced, I wasn’t very impressed. “It’s just a passing craze…” I said. Never in a million years did I think Kylie Jenner’s small cosmetic venture would actually succeed. Months later and not only has Kylie sold out hundreds of thousands of lipkits, but she has grown a devoted fanbase within the beauty community and even managed to make me desperately want to get my hands on her lipkits.

If it’s not obvious enough, I’m not the hugest fan of the Kardashians (but if I had to pick one I liked the most, it’d be Kylie).

After reading (and finally feeding into) all the hype, I decided that I just had to try these out for myself. Below you can find my unboxing and review for the shades Exposed, Koko K, Dolce K and the glosses Literally and So Cute. 


Photo Jul 17, 2 51 40 PM

First thoughts:

  • Oo0Oo0H how cute!
  • Yay, they were properly packaged with styrofoam so the products wouldn’t damage!
  • Why do the glosses look like they’ve been opened already, wtf?
  • *Screams* because gorgeous & discreet packaging
  • *Doesn’t even have anymore thoughts bc too busy ripping into the actual products*

On a side note, in the past, Kylie’s products have been opened and stolen right from the package so I think she did a good job at keeping the interior of the box true to her signature graphics while keeping the outside of the box plain and nondescript. I’m one of those people who doesn’t like to jump onto the bandwagon until a product goes through its second or third iteration. Because of the whole gloss-stealing-defective-gloss-wand shenanigans people have faced, I’m glad I waited.

Photo Jul 17, 2 52 32 PM

Honestly the packaging is just beautiful and the Kylie lipkits fit perfectly inside the box. They definitely give off that “luxury” makeup-brand vibe (think Urban Decay meets Kat Von D), and if I’m paying that ca$$hmoney, I want to feel like every piece of the product was worth the splurge. I actually don’t buy makeup from brands whose packaging doesn’t visually appeal to me, regardless of the quality of the product, for that very reason.

Kylie also included a little “handwritten” note that I thought was a really nice touch, especially since Kylie Cosmetics is an online business and there is very little face-to-face interaction involved with the purchase. It’s clear that all aspects of her company have been carefully thought out from Day 1, and I really like all the personal touches that you can tell Kylie had a hand in herself.

Photo Jul 17, 2 54 24 PM


Out of the wide selection of lipkits, (from left to right in the image below) I got Exposed, Dolce K, and Koko K. For the glosses, I got So Cute and Literally.

Photo Jul 17, 2 59 26 PM (1)

Though they may look like similar shades on the packaging, I realized that when worn on they lips, they all look completely different. Appearance wise, the tubes of the lipsticks are made of glass, are high quality with a great design, and have a doe-foot applicator that allows the formula to glide on incredibly smoothly. Alternately, the glosses also have glass tubes but the applicators are slightly different, and in my opinion, much harder to use.

Below, you can see my swatches for the colors. Bear in mind, the underside of my arm is much paler than my actual complexion and I range from a honey to medium skin tone. The first two swatches on the left are the glosses (if you couldn’t tell from the uber-sheen in the picture) and the rest are the lipkits.

2016-07-17 16.13.00 copy


Photo Jul 17, 3 02 35 PM (2)

Well, I guess without further ado, I’ll jump right in!

The first thing I noticed about the glosses after opening the tubes was the smell. Some people love the scent Kylie chose for her products, but it’s much much too strong for me. One beauty blogger compared it to the smell of Vanilla-cake lip smackers and I’d have to agree. While normally I’m a fan of vanilla, the smell of the lipkits and glosses were way too strong for me. I like more subtle scents that aren’t too overpowering.

The second thing I noticed were the applicators. Though mine did not come resembling the Rugrat-horror-story wands that went viral online, I still took one glance at the applicator and realized that putting on the glosses was going to be a challenge. The wands themselves are very fluid and don’t really retain a solid shape, which makes the application process very difficult. The gloss is highly pigmented but slightly sheer, so you want a wand that will really help layer on the color so it doesn’t look patchy. These wands certainly did not help with that. I found that I had to use my fingers to blend the color into my lips… which was less than ideal since the formula of the glosses are also very sticky.

In regards to color, I realized that So Cute was much lighter than advertised and looked a bit strange on my skin tone unless it was used over a matte liquid lipstick, like Koko K (in which case, I loved how it looked). However, wearing So Cute alone made me look artificially tan, and it was just not a flattering shade against my skin tone. In fact, the color blended into my skin to the point where you could barely make out the line of my lips.

Photo Jul 17, 2 55 27 PM (2)

PicMonkey Collage

On the other hand, I am in love with the shade Literally. It just worked for me, and looked great against my medium skin tone. The pigment was also a couple shades darker than So Cute, so it layered much better and the patchiness when applying it wasn’t as obvious after a few lip smacks at the end. If I could compare Literally to any of Kylie’s other colors, it sort of makes me think that’s what Exposed would look like in gloss-form minus the strong orange tint.

The thing I loved about the glosses is that they looked excellent layered on other matte lipsticks, and they were practically reflective… that’s how shiny they were. If I’m going to be wearing a lipgloss at all, I sure as heck want it to look like I’m wearing reflectors on my lips, like my lips are made of stained glass, or whatever lame analogy have you. If there’s one thing I can say, it’s that the glosses did their jobs at being glosses!


Photo Jul 17, 2 59 45 PM (1)

Now, the lipkits are another entire story. With the glosses I was left feeling half disappointed, half pleased… but with the lipkits themselves, I was entirely impressed.

Firstly, I loved how pigmented they looked on the lips, how smooth they felt upon application, and how matte they dried. I hardly noticed they were there for the rest of the day, and all the shades I bought were extremely flattering. Of course I did my research knowing that these items would be as much of an investment as they were a splurge, and I really wanted to get shades that were complimentary to my skin tone.

Below you can see what Exposed, Koko K, and Dolce K all look like when worn.


Exposed is a more orangey-sunset matte. It’s a great nude for my skin tone because it’s a warmer nude as opposed to a cooler nude. Koko K is definitely more on the pink side without being too pink (although I will disclaim it definitely doesn’t go with everything), and Dolce K is a nice statement lip that can be worn with anything and everything. The one thing about Dolce K is that it isn’t as unique of a shade and resembles a shade I already own from ABH (Ashton). However, I’d say my favorite of all the colors I ordered has to be Exposed. It makes my skin tone pop, my eyes stand out, and I really haven’t seen a shade floating around like it in the beauty-sphere. I’d say it’s 100% worth the purchase. Exposed is just so much more than your average nude.

Photo Jul 17, 2 57 50 PM

Honestly I have about zero complaints when it comes to Kylie’s actual lipkits. I’m already conspiring when I can buy more and I’m already *hella hearteyeing* Kylie’s new summer shades Ginger and Maliboo.

One thing I will say is that I don’t necessarily need to line/overdraw my lips, so I found the lipliners sort of useless. I’d much rather just use the liquid lipsticks on their own for cost-efficiency rather than buying the whole kit (unless you want it for novelty’s sake). All of the above photos were taken without using the lipliners provided.




  • Matte drying
  • Very pigmented
  • Super smooth doe foot application
  • Beautiful packaging
  • Colors that look great on a variety of skin tones


  • Took a while to dry on the lips, even with one coat

Worth the purchase? Yes



  • Highly pigmented
  • Looked like glass on the lips


  • Hard-to-use applicator
  • Required multiple coats
  • Sheer
  • Sticky
  • Colors not for everyone

Worth the purchase? No

Photo Jul 17, 2 59 06 PM

Now? I’m already planning on buying her Kyshadow palette once I can get my hands on it. It’s clear the one thing Kylizzl does best is her mattes, so I’m dying to try those out too. Have you guys jumped the gun and bought any splurge-worthy shades from Kylie’s kollection? If so, let me know which ones! I’m dying to hear what you all think of her products! I was thinking Maliboo and Ginger next, how about you?





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      Thank you! Glad you got to give it a look! 🙂

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