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Today was one of those days where it felt like I had lost control of my own life. It was as though time were passing me by and I had zero control of where my life was headed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m at such an exciting and pivotal point in my life right now; but at the same time, a part of me is always reaching for what used to be. I am in love with, of all things, the past.

Today I came to the realization that I just need to take a deep breath, gather myself, and learn to slow down. I’m always searching for the next best thing, awaiting this or that, hoping that the time will pass faster so that I can achieve x-y-z. I acknowledge that I need to stop sometimes and appreciate what I already have… but when there’s so much changing and growing and evolving within such a short amount of time, I find it difficult to keep track of the weeks as they pass. I realized I need to learn to savor each moment as it transitions to the next.

It sort of goes without saying, but as of late, my life has been absolutely crazy. Not crazy in a bad way, but crazy in a good way. Here you can see ‘What’s Next’ in Heather’s grand plan as well as some positive little updates that have taken place along the way.

  • Traveling to Germany!

So this is probably the most exciting thing happening in my life right now! In exactly three days, I will be flying out to Germany for three weeks to visit a girl I hosted as an exchange student. Even though it’s been three years since I’ve hosted her, she’s like a blood-sister to me and I could not be more thrilled to see Europe, meet her family, and experience what Germany has to offer for my very first time. While I’m over there, we will be sightseeing, road-tripping, and making our way into France, hitting up a music festival along the way and lots of other fun stuff. Man, you guys just wait for all the pictures, restaurant reviews, and more. I can’t wait to share my journey with you as it happens.

  • Moving Back to DC

Now if Germany wasn’t exciting enough, four days after I return to the states, I will be flying back out to Washington, DC to start my sophomore year of college. A part of me still can’t believe that I’ve already finished my first– and now I’m already beginning my second. I love college and I don’t want it to go by as fast as everyone says it will. That being said, I’m amped to get back to the city, to the lovely people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting there, and to press ‘play’ on the rest of my life.

DC is where I have learned to refer to as “home” (even if home is where the heart is), and I can’t wait to be reunited to all that I love there (the people, the coffeeshops, and my field of study).

  • Internship Search

This one I’m a little less than stoked about. For every internship there are five to twenty five other people all vying for the same position. I know I really should get a start on searching for internships, but a part of me still can’t decide what for. Do I want to do social media, graphic design, computer science, or marketing? Who knows. This one still remains up in the air, but I realize it’s something I ought to be thinking about.

  • Brand New iPad!

I know this is really minor but I recently got an iPad Air as a present and could not be more in love with it. While I never thought I would get much use out of an iPad (especially considering my love for laptops and desktop computers), I seem to have fallen in love with my little powerhouse of a computer. I never feel as though typing on it is unnatural, and while the Macbook/Macbook Air may be light, they’re both nothing on the iPad. Uber portable, perfect for jotting quick notes on and consuming social media with, I have zero complaints. I currently carry it with me everywhere I go, and during my trip to Germany, I plan for it to be my main connection to blogging, photo editing, and the American world. Literally no complaints at all. Four for you Apple! You go, Apple!

  • Dorm room designing

Even though I haven’t put much thought into yet, eventually I will have to decorate my new dorm room and I have no idea what I want it to look like yet. This is on my current to-do list, and I figure that maybe I should get around to putting together a Pinspo board sometime soon. Wish me luck!

So there you have it, a peek into the (not so) hectic life of Heather. I guess after writing it all down, now I can be more excited about it than stressed. Have you traveled to Germany (Frankfurt of Berlin) before? If you have any recommendations of any good coffee places and bars, let your girl know! I’m all ears!





  1. August 4, 2016 / 10:17 pm

    Heather, I’m in the same boat with a lot of these things, in particular, looking for internships. I’m entering my Junior year of college and it is FLYING. Try talking to people who are in those specific careers now, reach out to them and just have an informational phone call, could help a lot as far as choosing your direction.

    All the best,

    • August 7, 2016 / 5:48 pm

      It’s definitely stressful but I know I’ll get what I need to get done. I figure life works in mysterious ways. It does get stressful being in a place like DC where everyone is super driven and internships are increasingly harder to come by.

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