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2016-08-07-10-43-26-hdr-3I know, I know… I’ve been a little absent as of late, but I promise it’s for a good reason! I’ve been having the time of my life, gallivanting around Europe (Germany mostly, but we’re headed to France in a couple days), and making little stops along the away. It’s been go-go-go since the night I got here two weeks ago, and I only just stumbled upon a free moment to sit down and write out my thoughts.

To begin, I had about… six hours total to recover from jetlag before we began our first adventure in Germany. Thankfully I’ve always maintained a strange sleep schedule, so the time difference didn’t end up bothering me. I guess that’s what happens when you take naps at 4PM every day… oops…


That being said, the first activity we had planned was a three day music festival called The Sound of the Forest, located in Beerfelden. A music festival for up and coming groups, the acts were shared between two major stages and two smaller tents. The campground itself? Well it was filled with a medley of people that ranged from highschool kids to young-twenty somethings who were looking to get drunk, enjoy some music, and hang out by a lake… all activities we happily indulged in during our time there.

But camping did entail a certain amount of preparation which included, but was not limited to:

  • Ramen. And lots of it.
  • Pretzel Sticks
  • Sun screen
  • Bugspray
  • Flash tattoos
  • & more ramen

( Look at how pretty our flash tattoos looked before they rubbed off)



(Needless to say, after 3 days in the sun, they left tan lines everywhere on our body)

I will say– camping, listening to music, and rejoicing in the good vibes made me happy by mere association. Though I don’t speak German, the people I met were friendly, eager to talk to the American, and you could even see the artists walking around and enjoying the festival themselves. The only other music festival I’ve been to in my life has been Boston Calling, which was an entirely different experience… one I enjoyed for a time being but have grown tired of as I’ve gotten older.

The scene at the Sound of The Forest was very Coachella meets Germany. Of course you had your hipsters and those who were just there for a good time and everyone in between. There wasn’t pressure to stand in any one place for too long, and it was a small enough campground that you could see everything without getting totally lost… which was a bonus for the girl in a foreignland 😂 There were a couple of well known artists, but even seeing them perform (Madsen, Jeremy Loops, etc.) was a casual and enjoyable experience.



My favorite bands (in no particular order) to perform had to have been:

  • Fil Bo Riva

Every single song these guys played were gold. They don’t have an album out yet, but when they do, I know they’re going to be big. I’m just waiting for the day.

  • Lola Marsh

If you’re curious as to what a happy Lana-Del-Rey sounds like, check her out. She’s got some groovy guitar hooks and is potentially the cutest muffin to have walked the stage all night.

  • Qveen Elizabeth

They’ve got a very interesting cross between indie-rock and I dig the songs they played. I’m looking forward to hearing what more of their stuff sounds like.

  • Jeremy Loops

Love. this. man. The end.

  • The King of Cons

Their sound is reminiscent to a more electro-funk Passion Pit. I can’t listen to their music all of the time, but it’s too groovy not to check out.

  • Madsen

Even though I don’t speak German, Love is a Killer became the jam I’ve been singing to myself in the shower since. I think that earns them an honorable mention.

  • Jono Mccleery

OH MY GOD his voice is a lullaby that sings my soul to sleep. His voice makes heart happy. This man is like a ginger-angel that graced the stage with his melodious singing.

  • Alaska

Really catchy soft-electro. I enjoyed them but they haven’t released any songs on Spotify and that makes me very sad.

If you’re even more curious, below you can check out some pictures of the main stages!



If the title didn’t make it obvious enough, this was the stage overlooking the lake and the stage that had most of the up and coming bands… bands who we actually enjoyed more than the main performances (go figure). We got to lay here in the sun, nap, and tan. It was great, really.

Below you can see pictures from the night performances. The festival had little lights strung up and a disco ball shining down by the lake. It was so amazing.





This was the main stage where the biggest acts performed. It was definitely the place to be with a lot of great food tents surrounding it!



And… last but not least, our makeshift home for the three days! Yes, it got very cold at night and yes, ramen was our lifeblood during those frigid hours.


As you can probably guess, after three days in direct sunlight… we were ready to head out of the tent and back to our beds, but it was certainly an experience to remember.

And drinking! I could be drunk, legally, in public! It was great! Okay, but beyond that, the festival was pretty incredible.

I used to scoff at people who went to Coachella, and now I find myself wanting to go too. Music to hear and people to meet… gimme more. I want to see all of the bands.

Have you heard of any of these bands or given them a look from this post? If so let me know which ones you’re vibing the most! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you all enjoyed this snapshot of my first adventure of many! Stay tuned for the next, coming to a blog near you very soon 😉



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