An Autumnal Tracklist

f» Inspired by the changing of seasons and the orange leaves falling, this is a playlist to listen to when the light dims and the trees die and the Earth sheds its former self. This is a playlist of warmth, of solicitude, and of growth. This is a playlist to listen to while nestling close a warm cup of joe or the hand of a lover. They say that days pass more slowly and there’s less light that streams through. This is a playlist for aging and the reluctance of doing so. This is a playlist to close your eyes and dive into a blanket listening to.

Here are some songs that really invoke a nostalgic longing for the past, subdued joy, or the breath on a lovers neck. I really wanted to make this playlist because autumn is a time of self reflectance as the Earth around you changes, and I wanted to create a playlist that fully embodied this. Autumn is a strange time of the year, where everything is dying and shedding, but that doesn’t mean it necessarily has to be a sad time of the year either.

In fact, autumn happens to be my favorite season for this very reason. It is the beginning stage of rebirth. It is hope and wonderfully crisp air and apples galore! It’s a perfect time to be cooped up indoors, brewing a fresh pot of coffee, or snuggling up to something (or someone). That’s why these songs also embody a bit of warmth (as one surely needs while the temperature drops).

Feel free to drink a pumpkin spice latte to this playlist and enjoy!

If you happened to listen to any of these songs, let me know which ones you particularly liked (if any)! My favorite right now has to be Pink Wine or Waiting on a Breeze.


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