A Day in the Life of A DC Resident During Inauguration

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Ever wondered what it’s like for the unassuming, non-politically minded citizens of the District of Columbia during inauguration? Yes? No? Well I’m going to inform you anyway… because if you’re one of those going berserk over the inauguration, it’s only right that you know a little about the people whose city you are temporarily inhabiting.¬†Seeing as this is now (most unfortunately) Trump’s America, I will be referencing his awful supporters and exercising my right to the First Amendment (yes trolls, come attack me, I dare you).

!!! W-A-R-N-I-N-G !!!

Extreme doses of sarcasm and anti-Trump rhetoric lie below the read more. This post will likely trigger either laughs or an instinct to throttle the author (i.e. me), and lastly, offend any and all Trump supporters (a.k.a Trumpers) spanning anywhere from California to the East Coast.

So without further ado, click the read more if you would like to collect ammo to attack me with, or are simply curious about the day-to-day for a Washingtonian who has little involvement with politics. Below are some common occurrences for DC residents during the inaugural period.

1. Tourists clogging up elevators

You may think¬†we can’t tell that you’re not from the city… but I can assure you that yes, oh yes, we can. The dead giveaway? Taking up the entire span¬†of the escalator, leaving no room¬†for inhabitants¬†(such as myself)¬†to walk¬†or pass¬†by¬†at a normal speed¬†to get where they need to go.

Sure I’m pretty understanding, but when I politely say,”Excuse me,” about 7¬†times and you STILL don’t move, that’s when¬†we have a problem. If I have somewhere to be…¬†of course¬†I’m going to inform you that you’re standing on the wrong side of the escalator. You are literally a hindrance to my daily life¬†and if you’re going to infiltrate MY city with your racist, bigoted, and offensive views, I would appreciate you learn how to use public transit without making me¬†miss the trains I need to catch in the morning. Sorry not sorry. #EndRant

2. Hearing people screaming on the metro about whatever their views are

I get it, DC is a place for politics… but hey, believe it or not, people actually use the metro to travel to and from where they need to be. Not everyone in the city works for the federal government, and not every student you meet is a political science major or minor. Some people simply¬†live in DC because they enjoy DC, as a place to live and a place to be. They didn’t ask to sit in on an inaugural party complete with hats, scarves, shouting and whooping every time they step¬†foot on the subway. I used to find the metro relaxing– now¬†I feel my eyeballs burning off every single time I see a wave of those stupid red hats.

3. Instead of getting catcalled by any old mysoginist on the street, I now get catcalled by mysoginists in Make America Great Again hats

Pretty much the moral of this story is¬†that the same men donning¬†pro-Trump paraphernalia are often the same men who try to claim,”Not all men,” but catcall every woman they see on the street like barbarians. Really, just take a step back and re-evaluate your… well, everything,¬†bruh.¬†

4. Being unable to meet a date for a cute museum and coffee date because all of the goddamn streets are roped off and the Smithsonians are shut down for inaugural celebration

You know, a girl just really wants to sightsee and get coffee with her bae¬†(and co.) and she can’t. And you wanna¬†know why? Because p-o-l-i-t-i-c-s.

5. Noticing that¬†supporters from certain parties all happen to look¬†alike…

You can just tell who is in town for the inauguration and who¬†is actually from DC. It’s not hard. There is a certain look that acts as a dead giveaway for who-voted-for-who, and it’s nearly impossible to miss. Hint: Play Where’s Waldo with the Ivanka Voters and Trump Supporters, and it’s not a hard game at all.

6. Getting really worked up when you see rioters destroying your beautiful city

I wish some people would realize that SENSELESS VIOLENCE is NEVER¬†the answer. No one can hear your¬†voice when the destruction you create speaks louder than you ever could. How can the government even begin to take you seriously when all you’re doing is detracting from the quality of life for those who live in the district by smashing car windows and abusing our police? That’s just ridiculous. What has this city ever done to you? How would you feel about people leaving their garbage and creating violence where you like to go walk your dog? Yep, I don’t think you’d like it either.

7. Noticing when the weather acts as an omen

Call it crazy or superstition, but us DC residents¬†notice when Mother Nature is crying, and most of the time, we are too. Of course we pay attention to political events, much as we may try to stay far away as possible. The day Trump’s election was finalized¬†AND the day he¬†was inaugurated, it rained. We can’t help but read that as an omen.

8. Excess rudeness from tourists

I get that you’re excited that it’s “Trump’s America” and all, but seriously– shouting profane things about Obama and implying it’s okay to grab a woman¬†by the pussy is unacceptable. Trumpers quite literally yelled,”Lock her up,” when Hillary Clinton took the stage. Come on– be mature, and for the love of the Christ you love so much, be a decent human being.

9. Feeling annoyance when tourists¬†assume¬†that we’re happy about Trump being elected

Literally only 4% of us voted for Trump. That doesn’t mean we actually want Trumpers anywhere near us, or that we support our current “President Elect”. Please, for the love of God, stop screaming everywhere you go about how much you love Trump. Thank you.

10. Feeling hopeful after seeing the immense outpouring of support, acceptance, and love from peaceful protesters

I believe in the people of this country, and I believe in our future and where¬†we are headed… despite the man who may be spearheading it. For all of you out there who feel afraid, who feel like they have no one to turn to and no one to protect them– I hear you, I see you, I feel for you… and I will¬†always¬†be the first to come running in order¬†to protect you.

So there you have it– DC during inauguration through the eyes of a resident. Sounds like a great place to be, right? ūüėäūüė䬆Just a reminder that other people exist in this world aside from you, and when you travel to a place that is not your home, realize that the city serves a purpose other than acting as a central breeding ground for whatever your agenda may be.



  1. Katie
    January 21, 2017 / 1:48 pm

    This is so interesting! I would certainly be annoyed with the Trump crowd and the protest crowd if they blocked my way to work or school. You’re not alone, however–I live in small town Michigan and we’ve still got people with “Killary for Prison” signs up three months after the election! Do you have an opinion on the Women’s March in DC? Personally I’ve been loving the photos of it but I can imagine it would be a lot to deal with on the subways and things like that!


    • January 21, 2017 / 2:29 pm

      I think it’s amazing. I actually went and it was so overwhelming and inspiring and promising, it really just left me speechless and hopeful for the future of our country. The city has been awash with people from the election and Woman’s March though, and everywhere is prone to overcrowding and insanity right now. That part is a little less fun.

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