April 17, 2019

5 Minute Retouching Tutorial

Due to the amount of requests I’ve gotten for retouching tutorials, I thought I would make a video that explained my workflow, editing process, and a simple explanation as to why I don’t use frequency separation.

Personally I’ve always felt that a truly great photo is one that is great straight out of the camera. Any additional edits should only enhance and/or help translate the image, not alter it completely.

I feel lucky enough that not only are the people I work with wonderful, but my favorite shots are always ones that I end up doing minimal edits on. Some tips I did not include in the video above but are equally as important are listed below.

Five Tips for Taking Great Portraits

  1. Understand your light source… where is it coming from, how many do you have, and how does it frame the subject?
  2. Utilize window light and diffused light on cloudy days for optimal skin texture and smoothness
  3. Remove blemishes, but keep the defining traits and features such as birthmarks, scars, and freckles.
  4. GAS UP YOUR MODEL! Encourage them and let them know how well the shots are turning out. A comfortable model = a great photoshoot
  5. Don’t go overboard with editing and completely remove any skin texture. This seems to be a popular Instagram trend, but it leaves the model looking unnatural and devoid of humanity (i.e. flawless cyborg style).

Anyways, let me know in the video comments or the comments below if these tips were at all helpful and let me know what you’d be interested in seeing next!

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