The Girl Behind the Blog

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♡ WHO ♡

Welcome to my blog! I’m Heather! I am currently a computer science major, jewelry junkie, and fashion+food addict. I wish that I had telepathy or the power of persuasion, and if I could be any fictional character, I would give a limb to be a DiLaurentis. Writing about myself isn’t one of my strongest fortes, but in my spare time I like to make coffee, paint, and blog about things I find beautiful.

♡ WHAT ♡

What is this blog about? Well mostly anything and everything. I am interested by a wide variety of topics, from fashion, to healthy living, makeup, and music. Restauranting is probably one of my favorite past-times as is gushing about online boutiques that I’ve found at random from stumbling through the internet. I made this blog as a place where people with similar interests can go to relate. So drop a comment, send me a message, or talk to me on Instagram! I love hearing from you guys, and if you have any questions about a post, my life, or just need advice, I’m your girl. 🙂

♡ WHY ♡

Why did I create this blog? Mostly as a place to keep track of my life as it happens, to rant and rave about my favorite (and not-so-favorite) things, and to use as a form of therapy when the rest of my life seems too stressful to keep up with. I also like interacting with people who share similar interests and figured it was a more open way to share my thoughts, views, and interests rather than just posting a photograph on Instagram.


I am also originally from a 5,000 person town on the coast of Maine, but I go to college in Washington, DC. I went to a 25 person high school, and was raised with my feet stuck in the sand and the ocean at my ankles. My upbringing was sort unconventional in that respect, and I’d say I’m as much of a small town girl at heart as I am a city dweller. Maine is home, and yet… so is DC. Let’s just say I’ve learned how to walk in a pair of heels as well as I can ski, heh heh.

If you want to know more or are just in the mood to chat, don’t be afraid to send a comment or a message my way 🙂 Thank you for stopping by!