Winter Skincare Routine

It’s officially the beginning of February, and while I’ve been waiting for winter to be over since before it even started, I acknowledge that we’ve got at least another month of it left. As I’m sure you’re all well aware of (unless you live in the tropics or SoCal), winter does not arrive without notice. From the ungodly weather to the dry skin and chapped lips– it’s a season that is certainly hard to ignore.

This is precisely the reason why I figured there is no time like the present to make a post detailing my daily skincare routine as well as some nifty little tricks and tips I’ve picked up along the way to combat dry and flaky skin. Winter may come and go, but it doesn’t have to get the best of you or your skin.

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Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette Review

A welcome revival from summer’s past, Too Faced made the choice to re-release the Limited Edition Sweet Peach Palette just in time for the holiday season, complete with an entire accompanying collection of Sweet Peach products to boot. It was why I couldn’t help but treat myself to the palette and accompanying bronzer just in time for the holidays. 🎁 Merry Christmas to me, right? 🎅🎄

Before I launch into the gist of the review, can I just preface by saying how t h r i l l e d I was to see Too Faced expanding their line with an all-new collection beyond their already-popular Chocolate Bar products. In a way, the entire Sweet Peach collection felt like an unexpected yet welcome Christmas surprise due to the limited exposure of the palette before its release.

Also, despite the fact that I love Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar line dearly, I was ready for Too Faced to release anything that deviated from the overly-sensationalized all matte trend that has dominated the pervasive beauty sphere of 2016. While I love an all-matte color scheme, there is only so much a girl can take before she walks down the aisles of Sephora and comes out looking like she rolled in hot chocolate mix.

What happened to the shimmer, the shine? The luster? The gloss? 

Maybe I’m just being greedy when I say that I want it all… I want to have my cake and eat it too. Don’t get me wrong– I love matte… probably more than the average person, but I also want the glossy, the shimmer, and the shine that makes me feel like a walking diamond.

Enter Too Faced’s Sweet Peach Collection.

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Hello, hello babes! Given the popularity of Kylie Cosmetics right now, this is a post I’ve wanted to do for a while. Even though I hate to say it, I’ve officially bought into the hype.

I actually don’t dislike Kylie Jenner or her cosmetic line at all, and am always fascinated by what she decides to churn out next and the publicity that she brings with it. Like, let’s take a step back to think about it– Kylie Jenner built an entire cosmetics empire with the power of social media. Kylie Cosmetics’ Instagram has more followers than many other high-end makeup brands who have been around far longer than Kylie Cosmetics. Too Faced has 7.4M followers, Benefit has 5.3M, Kat Von D has 2.6M, and Kylie Cosmetics has a whopping 10M… and her cosmetics line is only a year and a half old. Her marketing power is incredible and slightly terrifying at the same time.

Read on to see my thoughts on Kylie’s Burgundy and Bronze palettes, the formulas, the colors, and best of all: which palette emerged as the clear winner.

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As someone with perpetually flat hair, no matter what I do, my hair always slumps like it’s sad and in desperate need of life. I’ve searched for YEARS for a product to make it puffy and voluminous but to no avail… until I found the Bumble & Bumble Dryspun Finish.

Now, I will disclaim I’m not a fan of hairsprays, gels, or anything that makes your hair feel like a cardboard box. I like the natural texture of my own hair and I won’t put anything in it that makes it look odd or uncomfortable to touch.

E N T E R: Bumble & Bumble Dryspun Finish (a.k.a the answer to flat hair everywhere).

The spray retails for $31 for a 4oz container… which is pretty good considering some hair products are super expensive (upwards of $40-$60).

Now, there are a couple reasons I love this product:

  • It makes your hair look and feel like a fluffy cloud
  • Non-abrasive to the touch
  • Subtle but fresh fragrance
  • You don’t need to use a lot of it
  • Doesn’t make your hair feel like straw

While it’s technically a hairspray, it doesn’t feel like one. The Bumble & Bumble Dryspun Finish is a necessity for those looking to add texture and volume; and it doesn’t leave the residual feeling of stiffness like most hairsprays. It also doesn’t make me gag when I accidentally spray it in my face, so it deserves like, 50 extra bonus points for that.

On top of that, can you believe it’s also multipurpose (wow I sound like an infomercial, I swear I wasn’t given this hairspray, I just love it a lot)?! You can use this spray a total of about six different ways. Check out how I use it by clicking the read more below!

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Review & Unboxing ♡


 The beauty world can be a little hard to navigate at times, especially with new trends and old trends coming and going with the seasons. It’s easy to look at all the products on the shelves and feel totally overwhelmed.

Lately, I’ve also been trying to reduce my spending habits and figured that subscribing to a beauty subscription service would help reign in any excess spending. That way, I could look forward to receiving new beauty products every month without going to Sephora with the intention of buying one thing and leaving with ten.

Being the makeup snob I am, I realized that Birchbox or Ipsy just wouldn’t do it for me. I had Birchbox in the past and canceled it as I wanted more makeup and less skincare things. With subscription boxes popping up all over the place, I wanted to find the most bang for my buck. Why spend money with the anticipation of beauty products only to receive testers and small products you may not even love? 

After doing my research, it was down to Glossybox and Boxycharm… but after seeing what they packed in the September Boxycharm, I couldn’t resist. I had to have it for myself. With a value OVER $100, click the read more to see what made Boxycharm the holy grail of beauty subscription boxes.

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