It’s that time of the year again where sweater weather is upon us and all I want to do is stay inside with a warm cup of hot chocolate (and a cuddle buddy, but mine happens to be 480 miles away). Fall is one of my favorite seasons and like the leaves, I was ready to shed some of my old beauty products and welcome in some new brands. Out with the old, in with the new. Tis’ the season of transition, right?

As I’ve recently discovered, the Sephora in Georgetown is infinitely better than the one I had been shopping at before, so much so that it’s become a favorite location. There were so many brands I’d never seen at Sephora before (like BECCA Cosmetics, Guerlain, Jaclyn Hill, etc.), ABH’s entire line of matte lipsticks, and enough Too Faced products for everyone that I was just living. As you could imagine, it felt like passing through the pearly powdered gates of my own personal Heaven.

Ironically, most of my purchases were products that I carried over from my summer wish-list onto my autumn wish-list. I’ve been vibing natural-mattes lately, so a lot of products I bought were nude toned. Below you can find an overview of the items and some of my first impressions! I’ve been using these products solidly for a week now so I have a pretty good idea of their uses. My honest opinions can be found below.

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Those of you out there with dry skin just know the struggle— i.e. putting makeup on and watching it flake off, waking up with patches of dry skin on your face, and getting out of the shower and having your skin just suck all the moisture from your body surface. Believe me, I know how it is… and after browsing the aisles of Sephora in a back-to-school beauty shopping trip, I think I’ve finally found the miracle cure.

Yes, you heard me right. It’s a freaking m-i-r-a-c-l-e.

Let me introduce you to Tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea Hydrating Boost gel moisturizer.

It’s not just any moisturizer, it’s a cool moisturizer (as in, yes, your face literally feels refreshed from the moment you lift the gel to your skin). Beyond that, this gel moisturizer really is a solution to those plagued by dry-skin everywhere.

Click my read more to see my full review.

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I did it. I jumped on the most overhyped, talked-about trend in the beauty blogosphere (and rest of the world really), and got my very own Kylie Lipkits.

Sure, I’ll admit it, when these were first announced, I wasn’t very impressed. “It’s just a passing craze…” I said. Never in a million years did I think Kylie Jenner’s small cosmetic venture would actually succeed. Months later and not only has Kylie sold out hundreds of thousands of lipkits, but she has grown a devoted fanbase within the beauty community and even managed to make me desperately want to get my hands on her lipkits.

If it’s not obvious enough, I’m not the hugest fan of the Kardashians (but if I had to pick one I liked the most, it’d be Kylie).

After reading (and finally feeding into) all the hype, I decided that I just had to try these out for myself. Below you can find my unboxing and review for the shades Exposed, Koko K, Dolce K and the glosses Literally and So Cute.  View Post

sephora bag copy haul copy

I, Heather, openly admit I have a shopping problem (but then again, so doesn’t everybody?). I don’t go shopping often, but when I do, I splurge and I love every waking minute of it oops. Today I happened to have a day off, and used it to adventure on over to Portland… Maine’s one and only real “city” worth visiting 😉

Since the nearest mall is (at least) an hour and a half away, it was one of those days where Sephora was practically screaming my name. I couldn’t venture to the big city (if you define 60,000 people as big, heh heh) without making a stop in my favorite store before leaving. When quality makeup is such a long drive away, you cherish every visit you have and hug every piece of luxury makeup you get to your chest.

I also stopped at Pacsun too, but I’m a bit grumpy seeing as they forgot to remove the security tag on the one item I bought and only realized this after I returned home. It’s also worth mentioning the nearest Pacsun is 40+ miles away, so I was forced to bring the garment to my local TJMaxx with guilty, pleading, puppy eyes asking them to nicely remove it for me. +1 for TJMAXX, -1 for Pacsun 😡

Okay, anyways– back to the important stuff! Below you can find an overview of the items I bought from Sephora and some of my first impressions! Granted I haven’t been able to use any of the products extensively because I was way too excited to write up this post, but I have tried all of the products at least once and have offered my honest opinions below.

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