How I Edit My Instagram Photos( @stormywheather )

I often get asked how exactly I edit my Instagram photos… and while I do believe the magic lies within the composition of each photo unto itself, edits can and do help convey certain moods and vibes. I made this post to serve as a little overview of how I edit my own photos and hopefully inspire you when it comes to editing your own!

So without further ado, let’s take a look into my tips to creating a unified and consistent Instagram feed before I get into specific edits and filters. I also compiled a list of what all VSCO settings really do and how you can use them to maximize the potential of every photo you take without using a filter if you so choose!

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It’s that time of the year again! Holiday bells are ringing and the festivity of the seasonal spirit is in full swing before Thanksgiving has even begun! Kudos to our consumerist culture for making us feel like we should begin our Christmas shopping beginning Black Friday all the way up until the magic day! Whoopee to showering our loved ones in jewelry, money, and gifts oh my!

Though I don’t support the culture around excess spending (even if I may be guilty of it myself), I do like to get a head start on my own Christmas shopping. I’ve noticed that pushing it off until the last minute doesn’t work for me. You know the mental image of a woman pulling out her hair as she throws everything haphazardly into her shopping cart, strolling down the aisles of her local Walmart? Yeah, I don’t want that person to be me.

This is why I’ve decided to do a holiday gift guide in the weeks leading up to Christmas/Hanukkah/whatever Holiday you happen to celebrate. Of course these gifts can be used for any occasion (like birthdays, holidays, or celebrations), but I figured this would be the perfect time of year for this kind of post.

This gift guide is specifically catered towards the men in your life, whether that be your brother, boyfriend, guy friend, or coworker. Though this is, by no means, a hard and fast guide, I hope that it will inspire other gift ideas and help turn Christmas shopping into a breeze. Check out my favorite items to gift below!

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We live in a man’s world, that much is true. The modern woman may be successful, intelligent, and poised…and still only make 80¢ to a man’s dollar. If that’s not a slap in the face, then the constant barrage of insults she encounters on a daily basis has to be the icing on the cake.

“Slut,” is what she hears when she won’t smile at the construction worker who catcalls her on the street, and,”Bitch,” is often muttered through the teeth of other women the patriarchy has taught to hate their own kind. She lives in a world where she is constantly told,”No, no, no,” and,”Women are expected to be x-y-and-z.”

Tack on any ambitions she may have the desire to chase and she’s labeled as “thirsty” or “fake” for trying to achieve them. God forbid she speak up for what she wants, demanding it without hesitation. An open palm ready for reward is translated by society as open legs, because there’s no way she could have climbed her way up from the bottom on just her brain alone.

Even more unfortunate, the moment she takes the time to criticize those who criticize her, she is simply labeled as an “Angry-lesbian-feminazi-bitch.” This is the world we live in.

But a real boss ass bitch knows her worth, and she knows how to get it.

What is the it?

Anything she wants it to be.

Below are the mottos HBIC’s live by… and yes, even Blair Waldorf would approve.

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Being away from your significant other sucks. It sucks even more if you happen to be 20, 200, or even 2,000 miles apart. Anyone who has ever been in a long distance relationship knows what it’s like to miss someone all the time. It’s easy to look around and envy other couples holding hands, going out on dates, and generally doing everything that you and your SO can’t.

On top of that, there will always be that constant feeling of trying not to smother your SO, or ignore them either. Should I call them today? I just Facetimed with them… so should I wait a couple of days before we try again? Am I a bad person for wondering if this is going to work? Trust me, you are not alone!

I like to think there’s such a thing as immediate and long term happiness. If that person really is the key to your long term happiness, you don’t just give up on the chemistry you have together. This is a post for those of you who are wondering what it’s like to be in a LDR, who are currently in an LDR, or are wondering if you are ready to commit the time and energy it takes to be in a long distance relationship.

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Funny story… I had been meaning to do this post since, well, September 1st actually, but I just hadn’t gotten around to it. I guess, life just gets in the way and I mostly like to blog when it’s convenient for me. I also firmly believe that blogging should be a stress relief rather than a stressor in itself.

Before I start showing you all around, I will disclaim that 100% of the containers you see were found at the Container Store, the desk decorations and file storage were found at TJMaxx (home goods section), and last but never least, the bedding and pillows were found on Amazon.

I would also like to say that dorm room decorating does not need to be expensive. Nobody needs to have all Ikea furniture or hundred thread count cotton sheets… just a vision and a desire to decorate!

Without further ado, let’s jump in and have a look!

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