Fall is, hands down, my favorite season to dress for. It combines my love for fuzzy sweaters, utmost comfort, and layers into one neatly wrapped package. Not to mention autumn in the city always lends itself to new fashions; and I love people watching as much as I love picking out my wardrobe for the day ahead.

Every season, whether I consciously realize it or not, I tend to go through an unavoidable style evolution. I guess it all comes with the territory of growing older in conjunction with spending more time in the city. Urban life definitely dictates everything from my taste palette to my music choices, right down to my wardrobe; and I’m in a constant state of evolution along with my style as its own entity.

As a small town girl, it’s refreshing being able to dress how I like without being looked at strangely, and I definitely feel more at home walking around the streets of DC than rural Maine. This year, I think my wardrobe has matured immeasurably beyond what I was wearing two autumns ago, or even last year at this time. Below you can find some of the outfits I paired together, as well as a peek at my favorite fall style staples!

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My very first OOTD! It’s an exciting day! Well, if I’m being honest, it was actually pretty relaxing today. Instead of slaving over an espresso machine 24/7 (which, I’ll be the first to admit, isn’t half bad, because hello, free coffee all day), I got to play tourist in my own town, soak in some sun rays, and drink a lot of coffee I didn’t have to make for once. Also to answer any questions, I’m a barista and no, it’s not as glamorous as it looks.. but that’s beside the point.

Since Maine stays fairly temperate and doesn’t get too hot or too cold in the summer months, I get to play around with what I wear… which is nice since I seem to have an identity crisis every time I open my closet. Sometimes it’s an angsty, all black, “boots and an oversize t-shirt” day and sometimes I’m in the mood to wear a maxi-dress and float like a fairy princess. But today was sunny and glorious and just the perfect sort of weather to frolic and convince my friend to have a fun little photoshoot with me.

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