Dear Santa... all I want for Christmas is...

❝ … Santa baby, slip a sable under the tree for me, I’ve been an awful good girl.
Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight…

Okay so maybe I’m being a little inconsistent with my song choices (sue me), right after I said I wasn’t one to burst into spontaneous Christmas jingle, but I figured I should make at least one Blogmas post that didn’t absolutely bash the heck out of the holiday season. So here you have it– my hopes, dreams, and wishes (kidding, kidding) for Christmas morning.

Let me disclaim that this list is not solely comprised of only materialistic goods nor do I think Christmas is entirely about receiving gifts. What gives the holiday season sentimental meaning is because of what it represents: togetherness, family, and love… not gifts. However, here are some things I’d like for Christmas as well as some of my little aspirations for the post-Holiday season that aren’t quite big enough to be considered resolutions.

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My first blogmas post and I write about this? I know what you’re thinking… what kind of terrible monster am I? How could I not just L-O-V-E Christmas? It’s the best time of year, after all! Yay commercialism, presents, and the spirit of “giving”.

I should be happy, busting out into spontaneous Christmas jingles, and donning a Santa Hat 24/7 shouldn’t I? Isn’t that what Christmas is all about?


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a total scrooge, and while I don’t hate Christmas, I don’t particularly like it either. If anything, despite my love for all things snow and winter, the one thing I’m not as jazzed about every year has to be Christmas. Even as a child, I don’t remember loving it for any reason other than receiving presents, and that same materialism is a phase I eventually grew out of.

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left – Kara ○ right – Matilda )

Ah winter… most people’s least favorite time of the year. There are a lot of reasons I’m not a fan. I don’t like my skin drying or my lips chapping or seeing my breath mist in front of my face. That being said, for all the bad there is some good that comes with winter– like hot chocolate, and ice skating, and the fact that you can finally wear those heavy layers you’ve been dreaming of pairing together all year. The Earth is dying, the world is cleansing itself, and it’s a season that seems to bring everyone together.

There is a reason they call it cuffing season, am I right?

It’s for this reason precisely that I decided it would be befitting to dedicate a post to that beautiful little in-between period between fall and winter. I enlisted some help from a few of my closest friends (everybody say hi to Kara and Matilda), and finally got the chance to get out and shoot while the leaves were crumbling, not yet dead, despite the trees looking a little bare.

Truth be told, it’s not often that I find myself on the other side of the camera, which is why I was more than happy to hop behind the lens when I got the opportunity. When I began my bout with photography, I began behind the lens. It was only recently that I got over my nonsensical fear of being photographed. What that’s left me with lately is an excessive amount of photos of me, and not much else.

After adventuring around my favorite part of DC (Eastern Market to be exact), mi amigos and I found ourselves lost in between the little side streets and gorgeous architecture. Kara and Matilda are also probably two of my favorite people ever– and were total troopers when I told them to trespass onto people’s porches/front steps/doorways #oops.

So without further ado (though there was much), click the read more to see my favorite style staples, a few ways to transition your fall wear into winter, and a glimpse into what the wintertime means to me!

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Hello, hello babes! Given the popularity of Kylie Cosmetics right now, this is a post I’ve wanted to do for a while. Even though I hate to say it, I’ve officially bought into the hype.

I actually don’t dislike Kylie Jenner or her cosmetic line at all, and am always fascinated by what she decides to churn out next and the publicity that she brings with it. Like, let’s take a step back to think about it– Kylie Jenner built an entire cosmetics empire with the power of social media. Kylie Cosmetics’ Instagram has more followers than many other high-end makeup brands who have been around far longer than Kylie Cosmetics. Too Faced has 7.4M followers, Benefit has 5.3M, Kat Von D has 2.6M, and Kylie Cosmetics has a whopping 10M… and her cosmetics line is only a year and a half old. Her marketing power is incredible and slightly terrifying at the same time.

Read on to see my thoughts on Kylie’s Burgundy and Bronze palettes, the formulas, the colors, and best of all: which palette emerged as the clear winner.

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To My Ex’s Future Girlfriend,

I respect you.

I know that sounds funny to hear. I don’t know you yet and neither does he. If you were wondering, we’re hot on the heels of a breakup– it’s never pretty, is it? But, above all else, I trust that my ex’s decision was sound before he went and let his heart get involved. He doesn’t just give his heart away like a handout, you know. You’re lucky to see a side of him that goes unnoticed and unknown. I promise you will spend a better half of your time getting lost in the thick of the woods before you come out on the other side, but I also promise his moon is the brightest shine you’ll ever see.

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