Where I Shop

I wanted to make this page because some of my favorite clothing stores are not limited to the most popular clothing stores currently dominating the market. There are a couple of things that I look for in any clothing store before shopping, but once I find those things, I am usually a customer for life. All the shops listed on this page, I have personally bought and received clothing I have liked from. Below I have listed the things a store must have to be recommended on this page.

Clothing Store Requisites

  • Simple but tasteful designs
  • Interesting detailing
  • Styles that will suit more than just one body type
  • Well made garments that won’t shrink after one wash
  • Affordability


Tobi is a great place to shop if you’re looking for affordable but stylish clothing. The clothing style is minimal but pretty, with clean shapes and cutouts. I also like Tobi because the store always seems to have an online sale going on, which is great for a college girl on a budget (*cough* me *cough*). The free shipping is also speedy and doesn’t take long to arrive at all.


Ah, bless little online Australian clothing stores. I’ve been infatuated with all the Australian boutiques I’ve stumbled upon lately and Showpo is no exception. Their sizing is always on point and no article of clothing I have received from Showpo has not fit. Granted I always use online sizing charts so that I won’t have to send the clothes back as soon as I get them, but Showpo’s clothing is quality and always arrives as pictured. The only downside is having to pay for the shipping that takes a while to arrive (if you live in the States). Other than that, I would highly recommend.


Another one of my favorites, I really like NA-KD because of the wide variety of styles they have. While Showpo is geared more towards the sweet, dainty, and floral, NA-KD has clothes to fit many different vibes. They have mesh jackets for those who are more into athleisure, bodycon dresses for clubbing, and long floral maxi-dresses for a more boho look. All in all, I’m obsessed with this online store because I can mix and match several different styles with only one order.


A tried and true, if you aren’t shopping at Zara yet, you should probably be shopping at Zara beginning… well, now. Zara is a classic because their clothes can be worn out and about, and can also double for a professional setting. Though the minimalistic style may not be for everyone, the clothes always seem to look good on different body types. As I’ve come to notice, my wardrobe ‘staples’ are so often the items to come from Zara.


A lingerie and swimwear line, I prefer Gooseberry’s lingerie to the swimwear. This is because it only takes one glance at the lingerie to fall head over heels. The lace used in the designs are hand cut, the detailing is soft, and all the intimates are just beautiful. Though the pieces do fall on the pricier side, they are well worth the investment and you will inevitably spend the next year admiring what a beautiful piece of lingerie you now own.


Another tried and true, I realize Pacsun is not for everyone. I also do not support Pacsun’s overstocking of Brandy Melville clothing seeing as I don’t think one size really can fit all. That being said, I do like Pacsun’s overall vibe and can always find a couple of pieces I absolutely love.


Shoes, shoes, shoes. Anyone who knows me knows that shoes and I go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly. I could splurge without hesitation on shoes, and Ego Official is no exception to that rule. This is one of my favorite shoe stores because I also happen to be a boot person. I love ankle boots, knee high boots, and stiletto heel boots. Ego Official’s designs never disappoint and always last a long time before wearing out.


Another one of my favorite shoe stores, the shoes I buy from Aldo always last me a couple of years of solid use before they begin to show any signs of wear and tear. Stylistically, they also have shoes, sandals, and boots for everyone under the sun and I’m never disappointed with what I buy.


Similar to the reason that I recommended NA-KD, I love 2020 Ave because of the affordability of the clothes and the huge range of styles they have in stock. However, I have noticed 2020 Ave’s clothes are a little edgier and there are less pieces to satiate my inner boho lover, but whenever I scroll through the site, I always end up hitting like on half the pieces on the page. I think that speaks for something.

& you’ve reached the end of my recommendation page. I hope this inspired you and maybe helped you find some new clothing stores to try along the way! I’m always adding more, so check back for updates and new favorites! 🙂