Camden MaineCamden, Maine

Maine— just being here stirs up some things. I guess there are qualities about a place that never really go away. You love parts of it, people in it, m e m o r i e s associated with it… but you can’t really bring yourself to admit you love all of it for all the heartaches, drawbacks, and things it lacks. But you ignore those faults anyway and surround yourself with people you love and good energy. That’s what being home is. I think that’s what contentment is. It’s not just a love for, but it is also forgiveness of, a past you cannot change.

–December 19th, 2016

This post is something entirely new for me– a concept, a photojournalistic experience of a place many of you will likely never get the chance to see in December (I wouldn’t blame you, it’s absolutely frigid… and Maine sort of sucks in the winter). Despite all those things, it is a place I still fondly refer to as ‘home’ located in a little town called Camden, smack dab in the middle of the coast of Maine.

After going home for a solid month, I thought I’d give a little glimpse through my own figurative and literal lens to the Maine experience. This post sort of details all of the little things I found so beautiful where I once saw nothing as a teenager and a kid. It’s so odd to realize how times can change. I won’t lie– I think about my life and the life that could have been there, all the time.

I hope you are able to feel the way I felt being home– a dreamlike state of being neither here nor there. I also hope that same part of you falls in love with the very people, places, and things that I did.

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I won’t be the first or last to say that I’m lucky to live in DC (also known as the capitol of the United States), for a better part of eight months out of the year. I still remember when I was accepted to my top choice college in the city, and how excited I was to start a new leg of my lifelong adventure. Now I’m almost halfway through my college career and I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by.

Regardless, during the time that I’ve been here, I’ve made it a priority to get out and explore. I want to see, breathe, and know every nook and cranny there is; and coming from a 5,000 person town definitely taught me not to take the time I have in DC for granted.

Seeing as this is my first ever See DC post, I wanted to show one of my favorite places in the city to escape to. Eastern Market has something for everyone, and while you’re here, you can definitely feel a strong sense of the city’s culture.

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