May 14, 2019

A Love Letter For You


❝ We were that teenage love story you flipped through, the tragic lyrics floating through the airwaves when you pressed station ‘6’ in your car. We were those people you envied, and watched with contempt from afar— telling yourself that you were glad you didn’t have what we had (but you know you were only lying to yourself). He kissed like he meant it and I knew he did. I have trust issues and five bad habits, and he could count all of them on his fingertips. He always deserved more than what he got and I tried to make it up to him by letting him always wind up on top— even when he pushed me away and came back, crying in my arms. I never argued. I counted his scars. We would streak in the dark for the Hell of it, and kiss under the stars. We were those teenagers you never were but wanted to be. And my god, my god, my god, won’t you come back to me? ❞